June 30, 2020

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility is pleased to announce that the following faculty members have been awarded a Faculty Mentor Award for the 2020 funding cycle.

June 30, 2020

Dr. Sofia Dimopoulou is a General Practitioner, Family Doctor, and Director of Kassandreia's Primary Health Care Center Director, and works in General Practice and Health Services Research in the Medical School at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Dr. Philippina Giannisi is a Pediatrician at Kassandreia's Primary Health Care Center in Greece. As part of our COVID-19 Global Perspectives Series, we reached out to Drs. Dimopoulou and Giannisi to hear how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Greece.

June 30, 2020

A student research team from Makerere University and the University of Minnesota has reached an important milestone for any research group—they recently published findings from their study launched in 2016. The team, led by Edwin Nuwagira, Anna Stadelman, and Joseph Baluku with contributions from Mathias Lubega, published "Obstructive lung disease and quality of life after cure of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in Uganda: a cross-sectional study" in the May 2020 edition of the journal Tropical Medicine and Health.

June 15, 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, how do we identify gaps in human rights protections nationally and internationally? How do we look beyond the immediate and necessary response to the crisis to identify the best strategies for advancing human rights long-term?

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Lab, in collaboration with the Center for Global Health & Social Responsiblity, is providing a space for scholars, practitioners, researchers, and advocates to explore these and related questions through its virtual series, Envisioning the Future: Advancing human rights in a time of crisis.

Events in the series are free, open to the public, and accessible via Zoom.