Our Approach

Two photos next to each other. First is a woman practicing inserting a needle in an arm. Second is two peole pointing to a paper board with writing.

We work to create a world where sustainable, equitable health worldwide isn't just a vision—we make it a reality. Through our collaborative partnerships, sustainable programs, and academic excellence, we are one step closer every day.

We believe that global health is local health—and by taking a global approach to health, we can make connections between seemingly unconnected issues to work towards solutions to some of our world's greatest health challenges. 

Whether we are in the hills of Kampala or on the lakes of Minnesota, social responsibility is at the heart of our approach to facilitating and supporting global health efforts across the University of Minnesota health sciences.

How We Work

We work across the University of Minnesota system with faculty, staff, and students to support global health initiatives. We are conveners. We are collaborators. And we are catalysts.