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Over the past 10 years, our global health work at the University of Minnesota has spanned the globe—from maternal health research on the shores of Lake Victoria to strengthening the healthcare workforce of Afghanistan.

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Shailey Prasad stands with partners at the Brocher Colloquium in Geneva. They are all looking toward the camera and smiling

Global Health Ethics and the Brocher Declaration

In the era of COVID-19, and even before our current COVID pandemic, the global health community has been questioning ethical, equitable, and mutual models for global health engagement and partnership.
Hamdi Sheikhsaid stands with other health professionals in a hospital, all smiling at the camera

Medicine Means Community | GMER Reflection

Hamdi Sheikhsaid, a fourth-year medical student, participated in the Global Medical Education and Research Program in 2022. The future Doctor Sheikhsaid shares her experiences in Arusha, Tanzania.
Students in the Global Local course stand in a circle outside while listening to a professor.

Global Health in Local Contexts: International Partnerships for a Transnational Learning Experience

For the first time this past fall, the CGHSR’s Global Health in Local Contexts course included a unique opportunity for students to learn alongside peers in other countries.

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Students in the Global Local course stand in a circle outside while listening to a professor.


We invite UMN students and outside participants to explore our 2022–2023 global health courses on ethics, globalization, and a global-is-local approach to health.

Global Health Ethics (PUBH 7200 Section 113) – May 2022, taught by Dr. Shailey Prasad
Global Health in Local Contexts (GHSR 6713) – Fall 2022, taught by Dr. Mike Westerhaus
India: Global Health, Globalization & Leadership (GHSR 6715) – Winter 2023, taught by community instructors in Mysore, India

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