About Us

In today’s connected world, there is no such thing as borders around health. The well-being of every citizen in the world concerns every one of us.

At the University of Minnesota’s Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility, our mission is to advance health world-wide through collaborative partnerships, sustainable programs, and academic excellence—and do it in a socially responsible, equitable way. To achieve these ambitious goals, we support global health research at the University of Minnesota as well as through our networks around the world. We work with global partners to build capacity for ensuring the health of their communities in the long term. And we champion interdisciplinary education that helps to advance professionals—at home and abroad—who will improve the health of our world. 

Connecting Minnesota to the World 

Here at the University of Minnesota we are uniquely prepared to make a difference. We bring the combined strength of a health sciences enterprise that includes schools of medicine, public health, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and veterinary medicine. Our work is further empowered by other University programs that play an integral role in global health—such as biological and social sciences, agriculture, public policy, and engineering. And all of it steeped in a culture of international connection that has long been a hallmark of our state.


Our Guiding Principles

Social responsibility is at the heart of our approach to facilitating and supporting global health efforts across the University of Minnesota health sciences. We define social responsibility as prioritizing benefit to society and the environment at large throughout the cycle of global health efforts—from planning to implementation to evaluating and disseminating outcomes—whether local, regional, or international.

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Impact Spotlight

Over the past 10 years, our global health work at the University of Minnesota has spanned the globe—from maternal health research on the shores of Lake Victoria to strengthening the healthcare workforce of Afghanistan. 

Our education, research, and capacity-building efforts continue to impact countless communities while also shaping the minds of future global health researchers, practitioners and leaders.

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