George Omondi Paul

CGHSR Scholar

Portrait of George Omondi

United States

Dr. Omondi is a wildlife veterinarian and an epidemiologist with a keen interest in zoonotic diseases and livelihoods at the human-animal interface. He is a postdoctoral associate at the College of Veterinary Medicine, and he earned his PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota, where through funding from the Fogarty Fellowship/CGHSR, he conducted research on zoonotic tuberculosis in a pastoralist population in Kenya. Omondi joins CGHSR scholars for 2022-2023 to work on a project titled “Mara Ecosystem Health Framework: Developing a ‘whole village’ approach to understanding health at the human-livestock-wildlife interface” with the Wildlife Research and Training Institute in Kenya. Omondi will work with mentors Andres Perez, DVM, PhD at the UMN College of Veterinary Medicine and Vincent Obanda, Veterinary Scientist, Disease Ecologist, and Head of Research Permitting & Compliance, Wildlife Research & Training Institute.



"The objective of this project is to develop a scalable platform for integration of human and animal health data to better understand areas for interventions or actions by leveraging partnerships developed through initial pilot studies in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem in Kenya. This project will accomplish this objective through the following activities: 

a) Initiation of community and stakeholders engagement on One Health in the larger Narok County, and 
b) Development of a proof-of-concept longitudinal community and animal health assessment platform for integration of human and animal health and cross-sectoral collaboration. 

This will serve to develop an integrated platform for human-animal health, bring together stakeholders to map and prioritize areas for One Health engagement, and generate actionable insights for informed decision-making.”



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