Register for Global Health Ethics at the Public Health Institute

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Global Health Ethics

PUBH 7200 Section 113 Class #87508
May 31–June 3, 2022
1 Credit or 15 CE contact hours

Register for Global Health Ethics, a new course offered as part of the Public Health Institute and taught by CGHSR executive director Dr. Shailey Prasad.

Global Health, while a relatively new field, carries a long legacy that continues to shape the field. The COVID pandemic and the George Floyd murder have triggered conversations about the future of Global Health. Foremost among these conversations are issues around decolonization and equity. This course will look at the current state of global health and the ethical frameworks that need to be considered in global health engagements.

The course will open with a review of the history of global health. Various ethical frameworks including development ethics, public health ethics, among others, will be reviewed. Students will also participate in discussions on ethical issues in pandemics, disasters and global aid. Lastly the class will engage in application of ethical frameworks using case scenarios pertinent to global health.

The course will also include invited guest speakers with personal experience in global health. The course will feature a mixture of in-class lectures, readings, discussions, case studies, and presentations.

Contact CGHSR at [email protected] with questions about the course.