COVID-19 Global Perspective from China

Fang Zhongliao is with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Guangxi CDC).

As part of our COVID-19 Global Perspective Series, we reached out to Dr. Zhongliao to hear how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting China.

What ways has your country's government responded to COVID19 outbreak and pandemic? When did you begin seeing a response?

Set up a antiepidemic special working group including many subgroups, such leaders (head of the government and department of government), epidemiologists, clinics, support, etc. I saw this in January.

How do you anticipate your country's health systems will be impacted? What are you and your institution doing to prepare for COVID19?

We hope our health system will be enchanced. We test the virus for the whole Guangxi. We carry out surveillance and identify patients or their close contact for medical observation. We guide local CDCs to antiepidemic of COVID 19. We draft documents or provided scientific basis for government to make policy on the control COVID 19 epidemic. We also provided the results of prediction of COVID19 epidemic for the government.

In what ways will your country/city/community be uniquely affected that differs from other places in the world?

Wear masks and identify patients or their close contacts and isolate them for medical observation.

What are people doing locally to build support for their most vulnerable community members, neighbors, and family members?

Provide food, medical care, etc.

What have you seen happen in your community that gives you hope or solidarity for positive outcomes?

They are willing to support and cooperate with the government to control the epidemic of COVID 19.

Why is it more important now than ever before to collaborate with global partners?

Because the virus can spread quickly through borders.


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