CGHSR Contributes to IOM Nursing Training in Bangkok Focused on Communication and Workforce Development

A woman types at a keyboard next to a stethoscope

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility presented at a training hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in May that emphasized effective communication, training and professional development strategies. 

The training took place in Bangkok and was attended by approximately 50 nursing leaders representing all of IOM’s global regions. It was part of a larger event that convened IOM nurses to focus on administrative and technical updates.

CGHSR collaborators partnered with IOM nurses to develop objectives and content for the training, which included presentations on effectively communicating feedback to IOM nurses and how the use of technical tools can improve workflows and outcomes. 

“As we emerge from the more acute phases of the pandemic, we are reengaging with the IOM nursing workforce. These discussions were an important initial step in understanding where things are and the goals leaders have for the partnership,” said Sarah Hoffman PhD, MPH, RN, who is coordinating nursing activities within the IOM/UMN partnership.

Nurses who attended learned about Canvas, an e-learning platform used to assist IOM healthcare providers, and how to effectively deliver feedback to, and communicate with, fellow nurses.

UMN has partnered with IOM since 2012 to increase the capacity of IOM health care providers to provide standardized, effective care to refugee and migrant populations.

“Communication in high-intensity health care environments is challenging at all levels. Our focus was to equip leaders with tools to support team processes, model effective communication to staff and practice and develop constructive and development feedback strategies,” said Hoffman.

“This work supports healthy and sustained teams, which ultimately impacts the quality of care provided.”

Learn more about CGHSR’s partnership with IOM here.