Global Engagement Network for Primary Health Care (GEN-PHC)

Catalysing Learning and Partnership Between Education Training Programs

About Us 

In 2018 the Declaration of Astana celebrated a renewed global commitment to invest in primary health care as the backbone for health systems to achieve universal access to health care. But while the signing of this document offered hope for discrete, sustained governmental commitment to primary care, it also raised many questions – how would this promise translate into practice? And how would education and training centers evolve to meet global primary care needs in this new era? 

In 2020 the Family Medicine Global Education Network (FamMedGEN) was formed by academicians from South Africa, Zambia, India, and the US. Soon after, the organization’s name was updated to reflect a more inclusive approach to primary care: the Global Engagement Network for Primary Health Care (GEN-PHC).



Steering Committee 

Esther Johnston, MD, MPH
The Wright Center National Family Medicine Residency at HealthPoint, Seattle, USA 

Ramakrishna Prasad, MD, MPH
PCMH Restore Health, India; Academy of Family Physicians of India
Bangalore, India

Bassim Birkland, MD, MPH
University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia

Annika Carlson, BA

Klaus von Pressentin, MBChB, MMed, PhD
University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Shailey Prasad, MD, MPH
University of Minnesota