Fogarty Fellow: Pavel Contreras

Portrait of Pavel Contreras

Pavel Contreras, MD, MSc

Nominated From: University of Minnesota
Research Site: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Herida, Peru
Primary Mentor: Andres Lescano

Research Project

Effect of iCBT on the quality of life of patients, families, and caregivers of people with COVID-19 and Mental Illness diagnosed in primary care

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely challenged the health system, including its accessibility and timeliness of care. This fellowship proposal seeks to assess the impact on quality of life of a remote type of psychotherapy that is increasingly accessible as part of primary care level practice, especially when situations of isolation or accessibility limit timely care. People with mental illness who are affected by pandemic control measures or COVID-19 risk and who have experienced COVID-19 are at increased risk of neglect and worsening quality of life. The evaluation of two common diseases such as anxiety and depression gives substantial relevance to the results of this proposal, even more when it aims to identify the role played by the coexistence of mental illness, COVID-19 and multimorbidity.

The results of our study can be applied globally in different resource-limited settings, especially where there is deficiency in the care of mental illness. On the other hand, the presence of post COVID-19 symptoms will be evaluated, which can even become the condition of chronic COVID-19 due to the persistence of symptoms and the affectation of the quality of life will be quantified. COVID-19 poses a major challenge and a unique opportunity to address these effects.