Graphic with teal background and the text "While our attention was on COVID: Spillover effects from a pandemic"

While Our Attention Was on COVID: Spillover Effects from a Pandemic


Our annual Quie & Peterson Global Health Lecture honors the work of Dr. Paul G. Quie and Dr. Phillip K. Peterson, striving to continue their legacy of global health leadership and to inspire the next generation of global health leaders.

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While Our Attention Was on COVID: Spillover Effects from a Pandemic

Since early 2020, the global community has shifted attention squarely onto combating and mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Practitioners, researchers, policy makers, academics, and leaders have had to put other priorities on the back burner to face down the emergency in front of us.  

But the world has not stood still—while our attention was on COVID, there have been spillover effects in fields from health and infectious disease to community development and technology. 

The 2021 Quie and Peterson Global Health Lecture will explore the challenges of looking at other illnesses, including infectious diseases, while grappling with the overwhelming demand of addressing COVID-19 in Bangladesh, as well as the need for alternate models of care while addressing vulnerable populations, including maternal health challenges in remote and riverine areas of Peru.

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