Panorama photo of Quito Ecuador viewed from the top of a hill

Information Session – Ecuador: Social, Environmental, and Cultural Determinants of Health


Travel to Quito, Ecuador for a new course from CGHSR – Ecuador: Social, Environmental, and Cultural Determinants of Health. In this course, students will experience the diverse nature of global health and development and their impacts on Ecuadorian and Latin American life. 

  • Learn about public health & health care infrastructure in Ecuador, including western & Indigenous health practices
  • Explore Quito with short-term observational field visits to places such as urban health centers, private and public hospitals, traditional healing centers, agricultural sites, and rural communities
  • Develop teamwork and collaboration skills that are vital to work in the multidisciplinary field of global health

Register for our virtual information session with Dr. Shailey Prasad and CGHSR staff for an overview of the course and the organizations involved. 

This course is open to UMN graduate and professional students for credit (GHSR 6723, 2 cr.) as well as UMN faculty, staff, and alumni, and non-UMN community learners for non-credit enrollment. The course takes place May 14–28, 2023.