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Global Health is Local Health: Connecting Global Health to the Health of Minnesota (Mini Medical School Session #2)

Mini Medical School: A Focus on Global Health Banner

The social determinants of health—the conditions in which we live, work, and play—are universal. Or global in this case. Social forces such as systemic racism, unfair economic systems, marginalization, and maldistribution of power shape access to adequate housing, employment, education, food, and water in ways that translate into the health inequities we witness in our communities, no matter where we live. Global health champions around the world work to decrease these inequities to improve the health of all—and not just around the world, but also locally. They take the frameworks of global health and apply it to a local context to improve the health of communities in Minnesota.  

During session 2 of the University of Minnesota’s Mini Medical School: A Focus on Global Health, a group of global health experts working in local contexts will discuss the intersection of global and local health, the social determinants of health, and global health considerations in Minnesota. By attending the session, you’ll learn how to engage in critical thinking on how the frameworks of global health and the social determinants of health can impact your understanding of health inequities and interventions locally in Minnesota; how to identify examples of global-local health initiatives and organizations that are working in the local Minnesota community; and how to reflect on your own personal connection to global, local, and community health.

Mini Medical School offers a unique perspective into the health sciences at the University of Minnesota. Community learners with a shared interest in health embark on a journey examining the scientific foundations of health and disease. Presented using common language for ease of understanding complex topics, your guides are internationally renowned experts who are shaping the way health care is delivered locally and globally.


  • Michael Westerhaus, MD, MA, Assistant Professor, Global Medicine, University of Minnesota
  • Roli Dwivedi, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota; Chief Clinical Officer - Community-University Health Care Center
  • Maria Veronica Svetaz, MD, MPH, Faculty Family Practice and Adolescent Health Boarded Physician, Hennepin County Medical Center


  • Shailey Prasad MD MPH, Executive Director & Carlson Chair of Global Health, Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility

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