Event graphic with the title: Can Guaranteed Income Advance Gender Equity?

Can Guaranteed Income Advance Gender Equity?


In this webinar, co-hosted by the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy and the City of Saint Paul, the panelists will explore the challenges and possibilities of guaranteed income through a gender lens.

One year ago, Saint Paul joined a growing national guaranteed income movement when it launched the People’s Prosperity Guaranteed Income Pilot. The program provides up to 150 families with $500 per month in guaranteed income for up to 18 months. Plans are currently underway to start a similar project in Minneapolis. While most policy debates have focused on the impact of guaranteed income on poverty, less attention has been placed on its potential to address long-standing gender inequalities and their intersections with race.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, how do guaranteed income programs impact health disparities? What challenges do guaranteed income proposals face in the broader US political and social policy landscape? And what lessons should policymakers take away from the Saint Paul pilot and other experiments about how best to structure guaranteed income programs to advance gender and racial equity?

Register now: z.umn.edu/cwgpp-guaranteed-income


  • Mayor Melvin Carter | City of Saint Paul
  • Dr. Amy Castro | Founding Director of the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Almaz Zelleke | Professor of Practice in Political Science, NYU Shanghai
  • Moderated by Dr. Christina Ewig | Director of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy