COVID-19 Health Course


A self-guided COVID-19 Health Course available on Canvas gives learners a look at the history of infectious diseases and what the pandemic means for the world today.

Dr. Shailey Prasad, CGHSR Director, created the course to provide health sciences students with a background on the public health aspect of pandemics. It is developed for all health professional students and faculty—or anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of pandemics.

COVID-19 Canvas Course

The course is divided into specific modules that look at the public health, ethical, legal and clinical aspects of this epidemic. The modules have been laid out from the big-picture public health viewpoint to the current clinical information on the virus.

This self-guided online course is a collection of reputable resources (like the chart above). It also contains links to articles on COVID-19 and other online courses on COVID-19.

Explore the COVID-19 health course on Canvas.