RTC Application


University of Minnesota Students:

Any graduate student in the Academic Health Center (medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry). Other post-baccalaureate learners, including medical residents, may apply to the program. University of Minnesota undergraduates are not eligible at this time.

Makerere University Students:

Any student in the health sciences (medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry). COVAb recommends graduate students apply; the Medical School recommends advanced medical students apply (4th-5th year). MMed students may also be eligible with approval from their mentors. Pharmacy students are also eligible (no graduate program available). Other Makerere students should consult with a mentor to determine their eligibility.


Application is now closed.

The 2018 application consisted of three pieces: 

  • Initial Application Form
  • Academic transcripts from their institution. 
  • Faculty Endorsement Form completed by the applicant's proposed mentor or a faculty member who can assess the student's potential for success in the U-RTC.