2019 Faculty Travel Award Recipients

May 31, 2019

Following the April 8, 2019 deadline, CGHSR awarded the following Faculty Travel Awards:

Carrie Neerland, Assistant Professor, Center for Child and Family Health Cooperative, School of Nursing, UMN Twin Cities. In collaboration with five other collaborating faculty from Public Health School, Medical School at Duluth and Minneapolis campus, she will host Elizabeth Ayebare, who is a nurse and midwifery researcher and educator. Elizabeth is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Nursing at Makerere University, College of Health Science, in Kampala, Uganda, where she participates in teaching and course coordination. She completed the Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship, an international program connecting US and African universities, where she gained valuable knowledge and experience in collaboration, implementation, and program evaluation. The goals of this visit are to explore research collaboration regarding care practices in labor and childbirth, training and skills development in maternal and newborn health care. In addition, there are areas for educational opportunities and student involvement in the future including research and continued study abroad experiences.

Jose Debes, Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine, School of Medicine, UMN Twin Cities: To visit Addis Ababa University-Black Lion Hospital (AAU) in Ethiopia. The goals of this visit are to discuss new studies to understand early-onset colon cancer in the region, based on the concerns rised up by the collaborators at AAU about the high incidence of colon cancer. The studies which would include staining of biopsies for genetic mutations, and visit a new partner site in Harar (Hiwot Fana Hospital), which is where a significant portion of patients both with liver and colon cancer are sent from.

Raymond Christensen, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and BioBehavioral Health, Medical School, UMN Duluth: to visit Kampala and Tororo, Uganda. Raymond is currently working on establishing a bilateral student exchange between the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus and the Makerere University School of Medicine. The goal of the program is to establish a sustainable, ethical, skill-appropriate global health experience for University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus students to participate in between their first and second year of medical school. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Innocent Besigye and Dr. Josh Rhein on developing the curriculum and activities for this exchange, which will include not only clinical observation, but also exposure to research, and visits to local NGOs and specialty clinics to provide students a broader view of health and health care in Uganda.

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