Dr. Bill Stauffer named CGHSR Director of Human Migration and Health

February 6, 2019

CGHSR is proud to announce our new Director of Human Migration and Health, Dr. Bill Stauffer, MD MSPH. Dr. Stauffer is a Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He is a well-known expert in refugee health, and acts as the Lead Medical Expert for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Global Migration and Quarantine—Immigrant, Migrant, Refugee Health Branch. He leads the University of Minnesota-United Nations Agency for Migration/International Organization for Migration collaborative to promote the well-being of refugees resettling to the United States. He also serves as an advisor to the World Health Organization, and has advised other organizations such as the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the European Centers for Disease Control, the US Department of State, among others. He chaired the Inter-Governmental Refugee Health Work-Group for over 10 years. The working-group is aimed at aligning medical management of refugees across resettlement countries. As Director he will grow CGHSR's work in health issues from human migration including refugee health.

Learn more about Dr. Stauffer and the UN Migration Agency Project partnership with CGHSR.