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An Update on CGHSR's National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants and Migrants

February 26, 2021
With funding support from the CDC and the International Organization for Migration, CGHSR has established the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants.
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University of Minnesota establishes the National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants and Migrants

November 18, 2020
With support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International Organization for Migration, the U of M has established a new center on COVID-19 prevention, control and mitigation.
Portrait of Rahel Nardos

An Interconnected World: A Profile of Dr. Rahel Nardos

September 30, 2020
As the inaugural director of global women’s health in the Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility, Rahel Nardos will shape the new role and convene an interdisciplinary team with a shared passion for global women’s health.
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Researcher Spotlight: Dominic Travis

August 25, 2020
The CGHSR Researcher Spotlight features global health researchers from the University of Minnesota and its partner sites.
MSSI logo on a PowerPoint slide with the title "Presentations for eLearning and Webinars"

The University of Minnesota Partners with Ghana NGO to Deliver Online COVID-19 Training

August 20, 2020
The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (CGHSR) is partnering with the Medical and Surgical Skills Institute (MSSI) in Ghana to convert existing courses to online platforms and develop new COVID-19 and primary care courses.
Screenshot of panelists from Webinar

Addressing Racial Inequities in Health Outcomes During COVID and Beyond

July 16, 2020
“The prevailing ethos in global health is about achieving health equity around the world. The disproportionate burden that communities of color face in our own backyard is a huge concern,” said Shailey Prasad, MD, MPH, CGHSR Executive…
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COVID-19 Global Perspective from Greece

June 30, 2020
Dr. Sofia Dimopoulou is a General Practitioner, Family Doctor, and Director of Kassandreia's Primary Health Care Center Director, and works in General Practice and Health Services Research in the Medical School at the Aristotle University…
Members of URTC study standing together and smiling toward the camera.

Uganda Research Training Collaborative Team Publishes Findings From Study

June 30, 2020
A student research team from Makerere University and the University of Minnesota has reached an important milestone for any research group—they recently published findings from their study launched in 2016.

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