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Announcing Recipients of 2022 Global Health Seed Grants

July 26, 2022
We are excited to announce the recipients of our Global Health Seed Grants for 2022. Each of the selected projects exemplifies the CGHSR mission and goals of the Seed Grants program, including to advance equitable international research…
Shailey Prasad stands with partners at the Brocher Colloquium in Geneva. They are all looking toward the camera and smiling

Global Health Ethics and the Brocher Declaration

May 25, 2022
In the era of COVID-19, and even before our current COVID pandemic, the global health community has been questioning ethical, equitable, and mutual models for global health engagement and partnership.
Hamdi Sheikhsaid stands with other health professionals in a hospital, all smiling at the camera

Medicine Means Community | GMER Reflection

May 23, 2022
Hamdi Sheikhsaid, a fourth-year medical student, participated in the Global Medical Education and Research Program in 2022. The future Doctor Sheikhsaid shares her experiences in Arusha, Tanzania.
Christina Daragan sitting in front of the Taj Mahal

Indispensable Skills and Unforgettable Experiences | GMER Reflection

May 23, 2022
Christina Daragan, a fourth-year student at the University of Minnesota’s Medical School, participated in the Global Medical Education and Research Program in 2022. Organized through the Center for Global and Social Responsibility, the…
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Register for Global Health Ethics at the Public Health Institute

March 23, 2022
Global health, while a relatively new field, carries a long legacy. This course will explore the ethical frameworks that need to be considered in global health engagements.
The world at night with lights from major cities creating a web across continents. A crosshatch of white grid lines is overlaid on the globe image.

The Brocher Declaration: A Guide for Ethical Global Health Engagement

March 21, 2022
The Brocher Declaration guides policy on short-term global health engagements like medical missions to reduce harm, protect patients, prioritize host communities, and address power imbalances.  
Students in the Global Local course stand in a circle outside while listening to a professor.

Global Health in Local Contexts: International Partnerships for a Transnational Learning Experience

March 17, 2022
For the first time this past fall, the CGHSR’s Global Health in Local Contexts course included a unique opportunity for students to learn alongside peers in other countries.
While filming for the IOM online training materials, a doctor stands next to a patient, who is sitting on an exam table. The doctor is facing a camera and mid-sentence while the patient looks straight ahead.

IOM Partnership for Innovative, Online Refugee Health Screening Training

March 17, 2022
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty and staff from CGHSR, the Medical School and other institutions worked to convert in-person health screening training to online training.

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