Global Partnerships


Global Health Impact MapAcademic Health Center (AHC) faculty and learners are engaged in global health work in all corners of the world. 

Where in the world are we?

The Global Health Impact Map contains AHC faculty led research, education/training, clinical care, and community outreach activities related to global health.

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (CGHSR) is focused on countries with the potential to expand and deepen reciprocal partnerships, support transdisciplinary experiences, and create a lasting infrastructure for impactful global health work. For example, Uganda, Thailand, China, and India are among the locations with which we have strong collaboration - our Country Collaborations.

In our Hubs of Innovation, we establish in-country operational resources to support research and learning for the AHC. We advance relationships to engage in new and continued activity in regional networks that will address the global health grand challenges of the 21st century.

Affiliation agreements

Agreements are established at the department, college and University level. We work to expand Affiliation Agreements at the highest level to open the door for more interdisciplinary opportunities. If you are establishing or renewing an affiliation agreement for global health work, contact us for guidance.

U of M affiliation agreement resources

Professional organizations

University of Minnesota maintains membership in several consortia and professional organizations working in the field of global heath. Key organizations include: