2016 Award Recipients

CGHSR awarded these first Faculty Travel Awards for travel in Spring-Summer 2017 to further global health research collaborations in Thailand and Uganda.


  • Mustafa al'Absi, Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Family Medicine, Medical School-Duluth: To explore establishing a multi-pronged collaboration for research and training related to mental health and substance use, together with colleagues from Chiang Mai University, the Thai Ministry of Health, and the Munich (Germany) Mental Health Institute.
  • Gavin Bart, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical School: To assess needs and collaborative potential for capacity-building and research with the newly established, SAMSHA-funded Chiang Mai University South East Asia HIV and Addiction Technology Transfer Center.
  • Carolyn Porta, Associate Professor, Population Health & Systems, School of Nursing: To explore mixed-methods research avenues regarding young adult perceptions of climate/environment and physical/emotional health to inform a multi-level intervention, together with colleagues in Nursing and Economics at CMU. A secondary goal is to pursue broader SoN collaborations with institutions in Thailand as part of the AHC Thailand Hub.


  • Alan R. Lifson, Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, School of Public Health: To explore potential areas for endemic infectious disease research with colleagues in Medicine, Microbiology, and Public Health at Mbarara University.
  • Melissa Saftner, Clinical Associate Professor, Child Family Health Co-Op, School of Nursing-Duluth/Twin Cities: To pursue research on risk behaviors among adolescents living in four Uganda rural fishing communities to inform future interventions, together with Makerere colleagues in Public Health, Nursing, and Medicine. A secondary goal is to build SoN collaborative relationships for training and research opportunities.
  • Srinand Sreevatsan, Professor, Veterinary and Population Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine: To pursue an inter-institutional study on zoonotic tuberculosis and the human-animal interface in rural Uganda with colleagues in Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and Public Health from Mbarara and Makerere Universities and the University of Minnesota. This research agenda builds on a Grand Challenges grant.
  • Maria Kroupina, Associate Professor, Division of Global Pediatrics, Medical School: To plan joint research and training activities that aim to improve early childhood mental health and brain development through interventions with children and families. Learn more about this work.