Faculty Travel Awards

Faculty Travel Awards for health sciences faculty aim to encourage international collaboration to further global health research and training/capacity-building collaborations.

Program Goal

To encourage international collaboration by supporting travel expenses with the purpose to further University of Minnesota global health research and training/capacity-building collaborations.

Award Details

Funds can be used to cover travel expenses for University of Minnesota health sciences faculty members:

  1. to travel to an international site for exploration of potential collaboration on a global health topic of the faculty member’s choosing; or
  2. to bring a colleague to campus from any country for exploration of potential collaboration on a global health topic of the faculty member’s choosing.

Maximum allowable amount is $2,000.  Three awards are anticipated for each funding cycle (one in spring; one in fall). Allowable expenses include airfare, visas, accommodation, ground transportation, and per diem.The award will likely not cover all travel expenses. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate some financial commitment from their department or another source.


University of Minnesota health sciences faculty are eligible to apply.

Priority Funding Areas

  • Applicants who demonstrate impact of proposed activities and connection to long-term goals;
  • Applicants who have never traveled to destination or brought the same colleague to the U of M campus for related work purposes;
  • Applicants who have cultivated preliminary professional relationships associated with proposed activities;
  • Applicants whose goals may not be realized without visiting the country or bringing a key colleague to the U of M campus.
  • Proposals that include an interdisciplinary component;

Funds will not be awarded to support

  • Conference attendance, unless the conference is part of a broader agenda of travel that includes goals that build toward collaborative research or training/capacity-building.
  • Student travel.

Grantee Obligations

Recipients will submit a report on their activities and future plans for continued collaboration within 60 days of completing travel. Recipients are encouraged to work with CGHSR staff to implement future collaborative efforts.


Questions may be directed to Sol Perez at mperezag@umn.edu

To Apply

Applications are collected via this online Application Form. The Application Deadline is October 15, 2019

The application requires the following information:

  • Name, faculty rank, department, AHC school/college of the applicant faculty member;
  • If you are applying to bring an international collaborator to campus: a brief bio of that individual, including name, faculty rank, institution and department/unit, and other helpful information related to their background/area of expertise and the potential collaboration;
  • Three documents to be uploaded:
    • PI's biosketch (pdf)
    • International collaborator's biosketch (pdf)
    • Proposal in a single document (pdf) that includes the following details:
      • Travel plans for yourself or visiting colleague (include cities/regions and expected dates of travel/visit);
      • Purpose of travel/visit:
        • If for yourself: institutions you will visit and/or individuals you plan to meet
        • If for a visiting international colleague: U of M units/individuals and partner organizations your visiting colleague will visit;
      • Describe how the travel/visit will serve to advance your collaborative research or training/capacity-building goals;
      • Travel budget:  Applicants should share the total travel budget, including other funding sources and itemizing the costs to be covered by the travel award.