2016 Results

Congratulations to the University of Minnesota team for their outstanding performance at the 2016 International Emory Global Health Case Competition in April.

Global Health Case CompetitionThe team was the winner of the Participants Choice Award and was awarded Honorable Mention (4th place) after advancing to the finals for their solutions for Obstetric Fistula in India. We congratulate Besufekad Alemu (College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences), Hiwote Bekele (School of Public Health), J'Mag Karbeah (School of Public Health), Kimani Cyrus Ndung'u (College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences), Shuangqi Wang (Law School), and Patrick Williams (School of Public Health) along with coach Carolyn Porta (School of Nursing) for their hard work and dedication to global health professional development.

U of M competition results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2016 U of M Global Health Case Competition! Fourteen teams spent five days immersed in the Syrian refugee crisis and developing proposals for sustainable interventions. On January 30th, they made their presentations to an expert panel of judges that represented an agency of the UNHCR seeking fresh perspectives to cope with the large and growing number of refugees in the countries surrounding Syria. This case was challenging and immense in its scope. We applaud the teams’ outstanding effort!

A special thanks to our 2016 University of Minnesota judging team, Tricia Todd, James Hart, Michael Mahero, Ann O'Fallon, Maureen Reed and Kevin Lindsey, and to our coaches.

First place

Global Health Case CompetitionCongratulations to Team 5 for their first place win at the third annual U of M Global Health Case Competition on January 30, 2016! The team will be competing in the Emory International Global Health Case Competition on April 9, 2016.

  • J'Mag Karbeah (Public Health)
  • Shuangqi Wang (Law School)
  • Patrick Williams (Public Health)
  • Kimani Cyrus Ndung'u (Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences)
  • Hiwote Bekele (Public Health)
  • Besufekad Alemu (Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences)
  • Dr. Carolyn Porta (Nursing), team's coach

Global Health Case CompetitionSecond place

  • Axel Vazquez-Deida (Pharmacy)
  • Veasna Chak (Pharmacy)
  • Nikki Neaumann (Pharmacy)
  • Alex Craker (Public Health)
  • Zhiyuan Peng (Science and Engineering)
  • Larry Nguyen (Pharmacy)
  • Dr. Robin Michaels (Medical School), team's coach

Third place

  • Global Health Case CompetitionTracy Marko (Medical School)
  • Mara Smith (Nursing)
  • Kari Carlson (Biological Sciences)
  • Sarah Thompson (Public Health
  • Noureldin Saad (Public Healh)
  • Terra Wiens (Public Health)
  • Dr. Zobeida Bonilla (Public Health), team's coach

Third placeGlobal Health Case Competition

  • Claire Breitenstein (Science and Engineering)
  • Hana Boudlali (Science and Engineering)
  • Ryan Olson (Liberal Arts)
  • Keon Garvin (Management)
  • Callie Livengood (Liberal Arts)
  • Ben Bauman (Management)
  • Dr. Teddie Potter (Nursing), team's coach