Leadership Council

The Council represents colleges, schools, units and partners engaged with our Center. Members are appointed by their respective Dean, or selected based on their engagement in global health activities. 

The purpose of the group is three-fold:

  • Drive the global health agenda for the AHC/UMN.
  • Serve as a vehicle for exchange of ideas and bilateral communication between CGHSR and AHC/UMN partners related to global health.
  • Provide a forum to facilitate pursuit of global health opportunities among AHC/UMN colleagues.


Katey Pelican, College of Veterinary Medicine
Carolyn Porta, School of Nursing


Karin Hamilton, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jason Varin, College of Pharmacy
Karin Quick, School of Dentistry
Cindy Howard, Medical School
Zobeida Bonilla, School of Public Health
Susan Craddock, Center for Bioethics
Tricia Todd, Pre-Health Student Resource Center
Molly Portz, Global Programs and Stragegy Alliance
Brian Sick, AHC Office of Education
Seojung Kang, GHSAB co-chair
Kaylin Pennington, GHSAB co-chair