Leadership Council


The Council represents colleges, schools, units and partners engaged with our Center. Members are appointed by their respective Dean, or selected based on their engagement in global health activities. This Council helps to coordinate the health sciences’ growing presence and engagement within the University and around the world in global health




Shailendra Prasad, Medical School

Marti Kubik, School of Nursing

Representatives from Academic Colleges and Schools

Julie Johnson, College of Pharmacy

Laura Molgaard, College of Veterinary Medicine

Zobeida Bonilla and Ben Capistrant, School of Public Health 

Mark Rosenberg, Medical School

Chris Mueller, School of Nursing

Karin Quick, School of Dentistry

Janice Conway-Klaassen, Medical Lab Sciences

Peggy Martin, Occupational Therapy

James Carey and Amanda LaLonde, Physical Therapy/Medical School

Partner programs

Tricia Todd, Health Careers Center

Marshall Hertz and Cindy Howard, Co-Course Director, IMER/Global Health Interest Group Student Advisor (GHIG) Student Advisor

Gina Kundan, Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP)

Molly Portz, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance)

Martha Johnson, GPS Alliance/Learning Abroad Center

Mike Westerhaus, Health Partners Center for International Health/Medical School 

John Deen and Katey Pelican, One Health Workforce (OHW)


Jim Hart, School of Public Health

Jim Rice, Leadership and Governance, Gallagher Integrated

Holly Gulden, University of Minnesota Foundation

Student members

Josh Greensweig, Physical Therapy