Global Health Student Advisory Board

GHSAB is a committee of student representatives from across the Academic Health Center (AHC) that works collaboratively to define the global health related priorities of students across the AHC and advises CGHSR on various topics that are brought to the board for review. Additionally, this group promotes student initiatives and opportunities for learning within global health systems. 

2017-18 Board


  • Seojung Kang, College of Pharmacy
  • Kaylin Pennington, Medical School

School Representatives

School of Dentistry

Sheba Vincent

Medical School 

Breeanna Lorenzen
Zineb Alfath

School of Nursing

Matthew Petcoff
Jessica Lenderts

College of Pharmacy

Julie Lee
Joe Corbino

Physical Therapy

Lily Jilk

School of Public Health

Jake Amatruda
Lauren St George-Schreder
Mariam Suri

College of Veterinary Medicine

Amanda Mickelson
Amanda Ruddle