CGHSR Faculty Mentor Award

Program Overview

The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility Faculty Mentor Award (FMA) aims to encourage UMN researchers to involve students in their global health research projects by providing up to $5,000 to defray costs associated with incorporating a student researcher into their team. Proposals are encouraged, but not required, to be developed collaboratively between a mentor and student.


  1. To build student skills, knowledge, and abilities in the field of study pursued in the research of a faculty member;
  2. To deepen students' interpersonal and interprofessional abilities in international settings;
  3. To reduce costs and barriers associated with incorporating student learning and training into global health research.

Eligible Expenses

Faculty may use the funds to support the following activities:

  • UMN health science graduate student travel and/or living expenses while the student is at the international research site. UMN health science schools: School of Dentistry, Medical School, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, and the College of Veterinary Medicine. Graduate students include masters, doctoral, residents, fellows, and postdocs.
  • Stipend for a student research assistant who is enrolled at an international partner institution (ie: Ugandan nursing student at Makerere University to work on a project in Uganda).
  • Student travel to present at a scientific conference; the research should be that which was conducted under the mentorship of the University of Minnesota faculty member.
  • Training expenses for any student who will be working on the mentor’s research project and applying these skills to their work.
  • Other uses of FMA funds may be considered. Please inquire via email to

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the learning or training opportunity for the student and how it can contribute to their academic or professional development in the proposed field.
  • Impact of the student’s contribution to the overall success project.
  • Synergy with CGHSR priorities and activities. This includes, but is not limited to, interdisciplinary research, projects that demonstrate equitable leadership with international partners, and projects that aim to build new or broaden existing international partnerships.

Application Instructions

The application submission period is currently closed.

In light of current Covid 19 travel restrictions, note that funds are not required to be used for travel of a UMN student to an international research site. Use of funds to support student involvement can be broadly interpreted and proposed, including effort for a student to work as a research assistant or to support a student from an international partner institution. Examples from last year's funding cycle can be viewed here

The application will consist of the following information:

  1. Name of Faculty Applicant
  2. Name of Research Project
  3. Anticipated duration of the project and source(s) of funding supporting it.
  4. Brief description of the study and current synergy with CGHSR priorities and activities.
  5. Describe the stage of research this project is currently in (ie: funded but not yet collecting data; ongoing data collection; etc).
  6. Describe the proposed role the student will have in this project, expected duration of involvement, and proposed start date for student role.
  7. State whether the student who will be involved in the project been identified.
    • If yes, please state the student’s name, institution, academic program and level of study, and briefly describe any goals the student has expressed for their involvement in your study (ie: field experience, capstone project, etc).
    • If no, describe how you plan to recruit a student.