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Frontiers Research Partnership and Scholars Awards

Background and Purpose

At the dawn of the 21st century, advances in medical research were occurring at a breathtaking pace.  Yet, the challenge of caring for a rapidly growing number of people with chronic health problems was daunting.  To address the gap between biomedical progress and unmet clinical needs, the research community realized that forming partnerships of highly talented interdisciplinary investigators with a translational emphasis was essential.  At the same time, the training of talented young investigators was recognized as a top priority, and a critical investment in the future.

The University of Minnesota (U of M), Karolinska Institute (KI), and Mayo Clinic have benefitted from strong research collaborations between faculty members for a number of years. On April 30, 2010, leaders of these three world renowned institutions announced a new research program, the “Frontiers Research Partnership,” which would forge research collaborations of faculty at all three institutions. It was also agreed that this program would be most successful if it focused on the training of highly promising new investigators who would both cement research collaborations of more senior researchers at these institutions while at the same time considerably expanding their research experience. Given the illustrious history of the KI as the “home of the Nobel Prize," it was envisioned that “Frontiers Scholars” would be launched on careers ultimately leading to their candidacy for this highest of scientific honors.

Mission and Vision

Mission - To promote discovery of global importance through an innovative research training program.

Vision - The Frontiers Program will be a world leader in the training of the next generation of exceptional researchers who will participate in discoveries that have major global impact.

We believe this vision is achievable based on recognition that breakthroughs in research are accelerated by teams that are: Interdisciplinary, Interinstitutional, and International.

Value Added: The three world class research institutions involved in this partnership (University of Minnesota, Karolinska Institute, and Mayo Clinic) have strong track records of successful bidirectional interactions. The Frontiers Research Partnership will greatly enhance these interactions by establishing tridirectional collaborations that are synergistic, i.e. greater than the sum of the three parts. Support for the training of promising new investigators (and potentially the next generation of Nobel Laureates) within this partnership program is also a new dimension of current collaborations. Training of new investigators is considered to be of crucial importance as innovation often springs from the interactions of bright trainees working together with more seasoned mentors.

Scholars Awards - 2014 Request for Applications: University of Minnesota Applicants

Download a pdf of the RFA

Eligibility of Applicants: The Frontiers Research Partnership is a post-doctoral opportunity to explore and strengthen research collaborations within the area of Health Sciences for a new generation of science leaders. To be eligible, U of M investigators must hold a Ph.D. degree or other doctorate (e.g. MD, DDS, DVM, DNP, DrPH, PharmD) + 2 years research experience. In addition, (1) the proposed area of post-doctoral research training must fall within the health sciences; (2) the research mentor at the U of M should have a collaboration already established or be in the early stages of developing one with an investigator at the KI; and (3) new collaborations will be considered if a research mentor at the KI has been identified in the proposal.

Awards:  Support of $55,000 per year for one year of post-doctoral research training at the KI will be provided to the Frontiers Scholar(s).  This funding is to be used for accommodations, travel (one or two trips between Stockholm and Minnesota per year), and living expenses.  It is expected that the applicant’s postdoctoral training at the KI will begin around September 1, 2014 and last for one year.

Application: The application deadline has been extended to June 30, 2014. Post-doctoral trainees fulfilling the above eligibility criteria should contact expressing their intent to apply, and further instructions will be provided. Application will require a proposal and a copy of their curriculum vitae to the CGHSR.  Proposals should be one to two pages describing the research project and training expectations, identifying the KI mentor, and including U of M mentor’s statement regarding how this project will facilitate collaboration between the U of M and KI.

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